Monday, October 11, 2010

New nadirs of inanity

Vicad poll questions in last couple of days have included, 'Do you think small town festivals should stay small?' and 'Do you like Chinese food?' Beat those for dumb.


Edith Ann said...

1. Yes
2. Yes

Truth Ferret said...

1. all of the above
2. Sometimes

Truth Ferret said...

Here's a better poll:

To what degree do you think your intelligence been changed by reading The Victoria Advocate?

1. I'm now smarter than a fifth grader.
2. I'm now smarter than most local power-holders.
3. I'm now smart enough to put my boots on the correct feet.
4. I'm now so "dumbed" that I don't notice typos and laps in grammatical rules.
5. I've read so much of The Victoria Advocate online that I type very fast, fearing the zapper from the moderator.
6. I've read so much of the local newspaper that I at a loss for words....