Tuesday, October 12, 2010


OK. OK, I'm piling on the Vicad, but a blog by Thomas Martinez got me this morning. I wouldn't have read it ordinarily, but it was published in the print edition. Martinez is the managing editor. On the subject of power, he wrote this:
... Basically, information is a currency or a trade. Those with access to the latest, best and most information have a high degree of power. A pratfall of this is you can never underestimate the importance of information.

So, I gotta ask: What the hell does that mean, that highlighted part? The sentence isn't ungrammatical, simply unintelligible.


Edith Ann said...

This was interesting. Right now, feeling the pinch of the Advocate censor and the paper's endless obsession with what I am doing, I think the Advocate functions under any of the first three realms listed, seamlessly flowing back and forth between legitimate power, coercive power and the reward realm.

This is exactly how I see the Advocate forum being moderated. We behave so we can stay on, they delete some because they can, and they hope the rest of us behave lest the same happen to us.

I actually thought the article, while interesting, was ironic...in more ways than one.

Pilot said...

As the ranchers, hotels, and clueless drop subscriptions, the balance of power will swing to the online readers......who ultimately will, particularly if forced to pay Gobbler to participate, will serve him his head on a platter quicker than you can say McHaney O'Roberts. Meantime, set the hook and play 'em like a clueless hardhead that bit on a pull tab as bait. It's catch and release with these clowns, as they are definitely noy palatable........even served as "blackened".