Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy and unhappy endings

Got word several days ago that a friend had had a heart attack. He's one of our intermittent neighbors, a civilized and cultured man of sunny mien and ebullient nature, one of those folks always a joy to encounter. He lives in southeast Kansas and had ended up finally in a hospital in Tulsa, where he had a double bypass. This is the sort of news you hate to get since it so often ends sadly, but this time everything is fine and he's been up and walking and will go home soon. That's good.
And likewise about a week ago, a dog showed up in our neighborhood, apparently without a human attachment. She was a blue heeler, well socialized, personable, and companionable. We fed and watered her, scratched her tummy when she asked, and had begun to form those attachments that dogs call up in humans. Still, feeling she must belong somewhere, we made up a little poster and put it up a couple of places in town. Very promptly a woman showed up, and she and dog were joyfully reunited. Woulda been happy enough to keep the dog, but she already had a proper pack. That's good.
Today was a thing of beauty, with the wind abated and the sun shining benignly on our low-rent paradise. I finished last week's NYTimes big crossword, ate tacos at our excellent local Mexican joint, and took a profound two-hour nap. That's good. Fall is everybody's favorite season in places with long, brutal summers.
The Vicad has carried the wonderfully goofy epic of the transferred coach of the West HS dance team. The hearing for the ejected teacher sounded like an estrogen-fest, what's with females of various ages weeping and hugging each other. Seems like droves of people worked themselves into purple froths over an essentially inconsequential event. That's a little silly. Many years ago a guy writing about business said that corporation boards will uncomplainingly vote to approve huge budget items and will then argue interminably over something like a $25 wastebasket, because they actually understand the implications of a $25 wastebasket.
I hope tomorrow is as nice as today was.
Late news: The Houston Chron's take on the drill-team dispute is here. Patrick Brendel, mentioned above, had this on Facebook.

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Pilot said...

For all of the opinions and descriptions that have been tossed about regarding the saga of the drill team.......none has come anywhere hitting the nail on the head as estrogen fest!
Very well written and researched story by the Chronicle writer. Should be required reading for thr Vicad folks from the editor on down to the kid reporters in the cubicles and coffee shops.