Sunday, October 10, 2010

Czech Heritage Month

It was noted in the Vicad in a little two- or three-paragraph piece that this is Czech Heritage Month. Meanwhile, we are beat to death with Spanish Heritage Month stories every morning, generally featuring a vato-on-the-street interview about how the interviewee keeps alive Spanish heritage by eating tacos. A frequent correspondent writes, 'I had to go to VPL to find out October is Czech Heritage Month. I demand equal time! Where are the Czech Heritage Profiles, the kolache recipes, the Tarok instructions?' Meanwhile the paper continues to work itself into a lather about the brave new UHV being a Hispanic-serving institution and thus being eligible for some kind of gummint gravy. Is there a grant program for Slav-serving institutions? The paper notes that one of the advantages of UHV will be staffers who can speak Spanish to incoming students. I wonder if a student preparing to undertake putatively college-level work shouldn't be fluent in English?
Along the same line, Ghris Gobbler blogs that the guy who draws the Baldo cartoons was a better speaker than Jim Lehrer of the PBS News Hour. Yeah, right. Vicad's all excited about the Baldo artist being here. As I recall, when the paper's readers voted on which comic strips to cut, Baldo was voted off the island. The paper kept it on regardless and keeps it in a premier spot on the page. Don't take this republic of readers thing too seriously. If it's not what the editors have in mind, it's not happening.

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Edith Ann said...

Interesting that you should write this piece! I had an email from a faithful reading asking essentially the same questions. As I replied to that reader, this is the VA's fascination with all things hispanic. I have written more than one blog myself on the subject.

I still do not understand a certain editor's obsession with the hispanic culture. It's intersting, but let's face it, it's not THAT interesting! Gee, already. You'd think the sheer number of mexican food restaurants int his town would satisfy him already, but I guess not.

The good news is Hispanic Heritage month ends on the 15th. Czech Heritage month goes to the end of the month. Being of Czech heritage myself, perhaps I can pull together a blog.

Meanwhile, we will just have to endure with the Victoria Abogado.