Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sun night miscellany

As I have remarked before, my wife runs on our front porch a sort of Golden Corral buffet for vermin. Besides the resident vermin, we get volunteers. This young marsupial is either fearless or stone stupid. The bull cockroach on the wall is an extra on the dining scene.
Friend Mike Austin has been poking pretty hard at the Vicad news policies and has been doing it on the blogs sponsored by that same paper. Sometime in the night Saturday they struck back and pulled his blog down. He says he will be doing business in the near future at That will cost them some clicks.
On the advice of counsel -- that would be my primo, who is a defense lawyer -- I just read The Nine, a book by Jeffrey Toobin about the inner workings of the Supreme Court these last few years. I recommend it highly; it will make you appreciate Sandra Day O'Connor and leave you cringing about the decision in the 2000 election.


Pilot said...

that cucaracha looks like an almond joy with legs. Reminds me of the ones on shrimpboats that hide in the bilge all day and run air raids around the bunks at night. I found sleeping atop the cabin and dealing with the mosquitos preferable to a two inch roach landing on my nose, the only part of me not covered by the sheets.


PAT: That lil possum looks about the size of the one resident in our garage some time back. A farm gal, Grammaw, lets most critters roam at will (except maybe those canines that think they need to fertilize our yard). Who knows which one was the most startled the night the possum didn't seem to want to ride all the way to the street in the garbage can. If it didn't climb up her arm, what was that runnin' down her leg?