Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Journalism and its discontents

Last Thursday the most interesting thing in the printed Vicad was a full-page ad for a barbecue joint. It told the story of a black bourgeois family in Victoria County and was a fascinating piece.
Sunday, Vince Reedy, a former editor of the paper, had a 30 column, explaining that he was being dropped for reasons of saving space, I suppose for more important things. A lot of old-time readers esteemed him. Guess the space saved will be for more writing by such as arts reporter Little Me. In a weekend piece she wrote of being "regulated to the sidelines." Think she meant "relegated." You gotta keep your clich├ęs straight in the writing business.
We drove up to Sugar Land Sunday and bought a new iMac to replace the faltering eMac. Been struggling for a month or two with a whole mishmash of difficulties. In a few days it should be all hooked up, and, I promise, I will post more often. Computer problems just wear me out


Sugar Magnolia said...

I wash my hands of the whole stupid mess. I can't speak for other bloggers (2 of the original "Holy Trinity" which included you in the VicAd's previous, previous incarnation), but as for myself, I haven't blogged on the VicAd website since their newest "improvement", and it's likely I won't ever again. I just don't care to, at least on their site. Hence, I will probably be joining you on Google blogs, and have mentioned to Fric and Frac they should do the same. The talents the VicAd has driven/is driving away is astounding, and the talentless schmucks they have now in their place is confounding. Enough said. **SIGH**

The Loon said...

Ah, Shug, I know what you mean about the pore ole Vicad. A piratical pal passed through paradise this weekend and made similar noises. I believe they make a grievous mistake in ruthlessly eliminating the features in the paper that appeal to print readers.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Just today, there was an article on the front page written by one Rubi Reyes, discussing someone getting their "Associated" degree. Associated with what, I find my self asking. Then I realized that must be the kind of degree the hacks at the VicAd possess. You think? My goodness, with the juvenile writing, mistakes abounding, and the "very special" graphics splashed all over the page, I might as well be reading a comic book. OR the National Enquirer.

Pilot said...

I'd say I wash my hands of it all too, but they got out the fire hose first....... guess I'll be here until further notice:


Sugar Magnolia said...

Pilot, it is their loss, believe me. I am at http://sugarmagnolia.blogspot.com but have yet to post anything. That will be coming as soon as I get a break from work; the overtime has been sweet but I am one tired chick this month. See ya on down the line.