Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Goofy spam

A note from my old buddy Max Fernandez, who has somehow escaped my memory:
Would like you have a good mood!
I want to introduce a good web store, where sells all kinds of electronics: mobile phones, laptops, TV, camera and so on.
I bought a motorcycle there. It is very nice and with lower price. I think it is reliable and competitive with so good quality and reasonable price. You can have a try. The website is:(www)
Hope you can enjoy yourself in shopping from that company!

Stuff like this tickles me inordinately.
Mad Mike Austin cozened us into a kayak paddle this morning, out about 7:30, back at 9:30. It was fun, we saw a gator and myriad birds, and I will be needing Tylenol tonight at bedtime. He may have some pix posted at his place.

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