Thursday, May 14, 2009

Discontents II

After dropping Vince Reedy, the Vicad has now proceeded to drop the Howevermany-years-ago-today column from the paper in favor of three days of that silly damn Hocus-Focus and three of a bridge column. The days past is a regular stop for me, and I have been unhappy with absences lately, and now we learn that it is gone forever. I found the glimpses into the past interesting and informative. My unhappiness is likely to be as naught to the anger of the history nuts of the city, for whom a century ago is almost current gossip. My wife said she often discussed the historical articles with our neighbor, a lifelong Coastal Bender, who always read them with great interest. It was nice to feel so close to a world where people took excursion trains to Port Lavaca and where the fire department used horses for traction for the pumpers.
Then there was a story today on the sixth anniversary of the truckload of dead immigrants. This after an interminable series of stories on the subject. An engaged friend wrote to me, "I think the Advocate should either open a fatal funnel gift and curio shop on the site or give the whole thing a rest. It's not exactly something I would want my city to be famous for. …"*
Sugar Magnolia noted in a comment an embarrassing blunder in a Page 1 piece today, but the real doozy on the front page was a headline reading, "VFDs are in dire straights." People, people, people, if it is dire, it is a "strait," not a "straight."
*Late note: I had lunch with this correspondent today, and she told me that the matl quoted was a comment from the Vicad board. Makes the sentiment even more telling.

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