Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Socialism for me, good healthy competition for you

A lot of noise about the hypocrisy around the Larry Craig dust-up. Hypocrisy is a much bigger sin for the young that for the older of us; we realize that failure to measure up in some ways doesn't negate the need to at least pretend to esteem virtuous behavior. A more malign hypocrisy is pointed out by Mark Schmitt writing in the Guardian of the UK, the hypocrisy of people who purport to be conservative but avidly seek after government money for themselves from subsidized water to government contracts. - “...This hypocrisy consists not in a failure to reconcile public and private life, but in two public positions that are in absolute contradiction to one another: The belief that people must make it on their own, with no 'whining' and no help from government, coexisting with a staggering, slavish dependence on government - and the federal government, and thus taxpayers of the rest of America, in particular.” Read it all here.

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