Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fred Reed hiatus ... more shame on us

Premier curmudgeon Fred Reed, a blog hero of mine, is taking a break from his 'Fred on Everything' blog, citing burnout, disgust, and poverty. The thing about him is that he was serious when he said outrageous things and, more often than not, was correct in his assessments of things and the hell with PC & CW. Writes, in part,
The fascinating thing is that the flow of events seems beyond influence, as if someone or something intended it. I could write five columns a week about the absurdity of dragging second-graders from school in handcuffs for having threatened to shoot a classmate with a loaded finger. The draggings-out would continue. We no longer have the sense of shame that once made exposure of misdeeds effective. The spying will not stop. There is no will to stop it, and the technology improves. Nor will we see a return to the semi-constitutional government of old. It means nothing to most people, yet, and by the time it does mean something, it will be too late.

Read his temporary [I hope} farewell here. The world needs his clear-eyed honesty. Say it ain't so, Fred.

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