Thursday, September 27, 2007

Shame on us

Joe Galloway, journalist, patriot, and our Refugio County neighbor, has some rough things to say about the American people, pols, and press in a McClatchy column. In part:
The Bush White House may have gotten most everything it's touched wrong, but it's raised fear mongering to a fine art. It's wrapped itself in a cloak of invisibility named National Security that quashes all questions, stifles all debate and conceals a multitude of sins.
The equal branches of government, meant to keep a chief executive greedy for power under control, have failed the American people for nearly seven years of the Bush administration. Shame on Congress and shame on the judiciary for their dereliction of duty and failure to protect the inalienable rights of the American people under the Constitution.

Read the entire thing here and concede the truth of it all.

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