Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Ah, those randy Rs. They caught a senator from Idaho playing footsie between the bathroom stalls at the Mpls-St. Paul airport. Apparently there had been complaints about footsieing there and the senator incautiously elected to play footsie with an undercover cop. Said senator pled out to some kind of reduced charge, but later said he didn't really mean it, just kidding about that guilty plea, and besides it was all in some way the fault of an Idaho newspaper. This follows the whorehopping senator from Louisiana -- & I'm not sure his constituents would hold a little whorehopping against him -- and Foley, the guy in the HofR who was sending off billets douxs [is that right? I don't want to look it up] to the cute page boys there at work in the nation's Capitol. The Idaho guy has voted in the past for anti-gay laws, so this could be seen either as almost Greek tragedy or perhaps farce or maybe just a grotesque justice. Just think of all that fuss about Wm Jefferson fooling around with a willing, grown female person and no money changing hands. Makes him look almost admirable.

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