Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Leaps into the dark

Nothing quite like quitting a job without any fall-back position. Used to make that sort of leap into the abyss all the time when I was younger, but those were different times, and I was another guy then. I scuffled doing freelance magazine pieces along through the 80s, so I suppose that's the logical next move. Mag's more my style anyhow ... a little time to luxuriate over the writing and think about it, find that felicitous word. First friend I told I'd quit the paper looked at me and said, "Good for you. That's a bad paper." That is pretty much the consensus of everyone I've heard from since. Doesn't buy any porkchops but confirms my decision, anyhow. Or maybe they're just too polite to call me an idiot.
Friend writes me that the Albuquerque Tribune is on the block with little prospect of a buyer and opines the paper will simply be killed off. He remarks that that's a sorry fate for the paper of Ernie Pyle and Bill Mauldin; he's right.


Sugar Magnolia said...

You do what you gotta do, and if getting away from the Vicad was what you needed, bully for you. But I am puzzled that there is absolutely no trace of you or your blogs (as in the "retired bloggers" section). Are they really that petty and vindictive, or is there another explanation. Do tell.

Toni said...

I was acutally wondering the same thing myself.

It was like you never existed...

(cue the Twilight Zone music)

The Loon said...

Vicad's not a happy place these days. They are flailing around trying to find a new readership, one without enough attention span to read more than a few paragraphs. I got deeply involved in a story and ... ah, hell, they'll be happier without me and I without them.
I exist, no matter what the Vicad does. I can see my belly here in front of me, and that's hard -- soft? -- physical evidence of my existence.