Thursday, March 8, 2012

Leave your kid

with Mamaw Mad-dog from **Adrift, and you're likely to come home to a kid with purple fingernails.


Edith Ann said...

You all are some brave folks!

This is funny!

Sugar Magnolia said...

Aw man, Mr. Loon, purple is COOL! Lily will tell you so.

Purple was my fave color as a kid, I had an awful pair of purple CORDUROY pants (it WAS the 70s, OK?) that I plumb wore the knees out of because it took all my mom could do to get me out of them just to wash them. So she thought she could throw them away when they got ragged. OH NO! Grandma and her seamstress self came along and put a few patches here, a few there, a little lace on the bottom because I had grown and the pants were too short, and VOILA! A (almost) new pair of purple pants.

Bless my mama, she gave up. Tell LilyJane I said, "YOU GO, GIRL!"

Pilot said...

......and purple thoughts. That ain't all bad. Look how the little one's mom turned out. I rest my case.