Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Road trip

We're off on our big spring trip. We took off Monday morning and drove to Lafayette, La. Every time I go to Lafayette I ask myself why I never lived there. I lived in places I couldn't stomach but did anyhow, so why not a place I really like? The problem is life is both too long and not long enough such that I'm almost certainly not going to get a degree in geology or live in Lafayette, both interesting prospects. Just rambling here. As my mama said not long before she died, 'The trouble is we live too damn long.'
We are in D'Iberville, Miss., having spent yesterday afternoon hacking around Ocean Springs, Miss., which town I recommend. Maybe 1970 I was working in Chicago and the Tribune Sunday roto mag ran a piece on an artist named Walter Anderson who lived on the Gulf Coast. He was such an intriguing character and his art so appealing that I swore someday I'd go see it. Forty-odd years later I made it and will testify that Walter Anderson's art is wonderful. I did something very similar with Frncisco Goya's art. Fell in love with it in my late teens and made it to the Prado at age 60. Today: On to Vicksburg. Mamaw's chasing ancestors and I just read a book about Grant's western campaigns, so there's something for everybody.

This is likely raggedy post, given it happened on a lobby computer.

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Pilot said...

Surprised it wasn't typed on yer laptop.....mine goes everywhere with me - almost. Unless the Droid is pinch hitting. Oh how I'd love to be on Bayou Teche, or breezing down the strip pn the redneck Riveria.....flushing quarters, fishing, and working on my tan.....