Monday, October 31, 2011

Dia de los Deados

A greeting from our own witch's familiar, that limb of Satan, Verminella. We kinda keep the black cats close to home on Halloween.

And from the World's Worst Newspaper, an AP story by a woman returning to Mexico after a long absence:
The Mexico that I enjoyed so freely before has shrunk by as much as half if measured in territory no longer considered safe: The states of Durango and Tamaulipas, off limits, as is most of Michoacan. The cities of Monterrey and Guadalajara, the resort of Acapulco, and most recently, the port of Veracruz, bad and getting worse. Bodies are hung from bridges or dumped by truckloads in the street. Many victims are beheaded, and heads are put on display like Aztec trophies - or Day of the Dead candies.

Read it all here. It's a sad story, written by someone who obviously knows and loves Mexico. One reads little these days about the PRD, the breakaway leftist party, but I expect that we will hear from them on the next presidential elections. Bad economic times will make the old-time leftist message attractive in Mexico.

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