Monday, September 5, 2011

New pack member

This little rascal showed up a couple weeks ago, slightly ragged but confident of his welcome. He's only about 10 lbs but does a pretty good big-dog bark and, mercifully, does it seldom. The name on his membership application was 'Ort.' We all know that's a good crossword-puzzle word for a table scrap, but there are other possibilities ... He may have misheard when I told him he ort to be a better dog. Or perhaps his name is Orthur and he prefers the breezier nickname, Ort. All dogs present some little mysteries. Although we cycle strays through here to benevolent and generous friends, he looks permanent. Tried posters in the local places and wife inquired around, to no avail.


Sugar Magnolia said...

Yep. You old softie, you.

Glad to meet your new addition. I have a feeling Ort will get plenty of those scraps his name evokes, and maybe decided to stay because you "ort" to have another unique pup in your life.

Come. Stay. Good dog.

Pilot said...

well, from firsthand experience, I know the little hound is a cool kid, and if he gets to be a burden, he can come keep, my cat company.............fat chance. Critters that land on your doorstep are envied by the likes of this old pirate.