Friday, April 1, 2011

Okie earthquake

My newest playpretty from the Internet is this interactive earthquake map. There was recently a 3.4 east of Oklahoma City. Those who say things say that the fault we should fear is the New Madrid along the Mississippi River. That part of the country is apparently unprepared for quakes.
On the same topic, I'd guess that Edith Ann hasn't seen the latest Texas Monthly, as there is no indication of massive tremors centered in Victoria.


Edith Ann said...

The earthquake thing is interesting!

As to the Texas Monthly issue, if you're talking about the Texas Birthday issue where all sort of places in Texas are mentioned EXCEPT VICTORIA, I blogged about that here:

For as much money as Bridgette Bise is spending with TM, you'd think we could have gotten a mention.

The Loon said...

Ahh, Edith Ann, actually I was talking about the ad for Victoria that features an eminent local couple who are involved with history and the arts.

Edith Ann said...

OMG!!! How could I fail to mention Gary "They like me They REALLY like me!" Dunnam and Sharon "I am proud to say I have served on every city board in Victoria" Steen???


By the way, that is a terrible picture of them!

The Loon said...

I thought the ad was unattractive and without anything to draw a reader in. Production values looked a little shabby, including the photo. But that's just me.

Edith Ann said...

Happen to come into possession of another "Bring Your Boots" bag. This time, besides the great brochures, there was hand sanitizer, a first aid kit and a pen, all branded with BYB. Now we know where some of that gazillion dollars is being spent--

All of those print ads have that odd look.

Edith Ann said...

Oh, for the record--

I think Sharon Steen looks like Gary's MOTHER!

Edith Ann said...

It's time for a Tango!