Thursday, April 14, 2011

J-school at U of Colorado shutting down

A steal from the Facebook page of an old editor of mine tells us that the University of Colorado is dismantling, sorta, its school of journalism. Story reads, "The University of Colorado's journalism school will close June 30, making it the first -- but perhaps not the last -- college to be shut down in the university's history."
Read the whole thing here in the Boulder Daily Camera. It appears that the school is vexed in various ways that make closing it down a reasonable thing to do. Fact is, two-thirds of the J-schools in the country need to close down. It's a shameful thing to take high education fees from kids who think they have a future doing journalism in anything like the old way.
I remember reading somewhere that the U.S. has an 8,000-year supply of anthropologists at the current rate of job availability. People have been sold a bogus idea that a college diploma is a guarantee of a secure life, but about half or more of college diplomas are a waste of time and money. The credentialism of modern America is a sad travesty. The Calhoun County schools are dropping auto tech and cosmetology courses in a budget move, thus depriving students of an opportunity to learn something that translates into real job opportunities, while the Vicad sponsors a professor in print journalism and Hispanic or Latino or Chicano or Whatever studies. Neither field looks promising for employment in the world we live in.


chats said...

Mmmm. Yay-sss. I read recently that a quarter of journalism jobs disappeared in the last decade. Makes mine worth slightly less than my auto-mechanics experience...

chats said...

My journalism degree, that is.