Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nepotism, first ladies, &c

The NYTimes columnist Maureen Dowd writes, "Without nepotism, Hillary would be running for president of Vassar." Instead, that grating woman is constantly put forward as the inevitable next president of the U.S. In another place, the First Lady, wife of the president, who hails from a sparsely populated state in the South of the country, is running in front for their presidential contest. Néstor Kirchner has been a popular president of Argentina, and now his wife, Cristina Fernández, is the favorite to win the presidency. I believe the election is October 28. We're taking off for Buenos Aires at 9 this evening from Houston. I've wanted to visit ever since I heard that they had a size of steak called the 'telephone book.' I figured the phone book in a city of eight or nine millions must be pretty good sized. Also looking into Uruguay, the tiny country across the Rio de la Plata and possibly Chile, the skinny country across the Andes. I will report in along the way as I find time and Internet cafés.

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