Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mexican justice

A funny story from the world's worst newspaper about a guy named Wirtz who robbed a bank in New Mexico, drove across the bridge to Cd. Juárez, and had the bad fortune to fall into the hands of the Mexican police.
The next day [after the bank robbery], Wirtz, allegedly drugged up, drove to Juárez, where he got into a car accident and fled the scene. He was caught by Juárez traffic police soon afterward.
He said the officers found the $10,000 in stolen bank money he had stuffed in a white sock and tucked in his waistband. He said they stole it and beat him up, knocking out five front teeth, cracking ribs and fracturing his back.

A vigorous interrogation, you might say. Despite the fact that Wirtz faces a bunch of time on this side for bank robbery, he wants to be allowed to surrender to the FBI and return to the U.S. rather than serve out his term in the Mexican prison. Read the whole thing here.I love it when the Mexican govt complains about the treatment of Mexican citizens in the U.S. justice system. They don't give one tiny damn about how their citizens are treated in Mexico, only here on this side.

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