Monday, October 1, 2007

Movin' on through

Well, the birds are moving through southbound in bigger numbers every day. From here, they jump off for the trip across the Gulf. It's amazing to think of some of the frail-looking little creatures having that much endurance, especially given how hard their wings beat. I stand on the east porch, where all the flowers are blooming, and the hummingbirds zip around like magnum wasps or stray rifle rounds as they stock up on calories, fuel for the trip. There's a long branch on a rosebush where there's almost always one sitting. Fall's a great season in **Adrift. My wife just bought a pound of beautiful white shrimp fresh out of the water for $3.50. What good fortune to live in a real working fishing port.


Ol' Bayrat said...

Pat, what happened to the "pilot"?

The Loon said...

I'm uncertain what the Vicad did with the old bloggers. They seem to have disappeared. I'm not in on Vicad secrets.

Geezer said...

Catfish is hard to beat.