Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mamawing & Pappying

Just see what you can do with trimmings from the neighbor's garden and a little fashion savvy.
Lily's been with us since late last week. She's generally an entertaining addition to the household. She's quick enough with language that you can actually hold a conversation with her, real exchanges of information delivered in words. Being in the presence of that much vigor is enervating for people our age, though. Even when she's not being obstinately two years old, she runs at pretty high rpms.
We're working up to the Thanksgiving holiday, my favorite of the year, it being dedicated to excessive eating and little corrupted by commerce beyond the selling of a lot of food. [The opening of the Christmas season is another thing altogether.]
We started expecting just three of us to eat here, but it seems to have grown into maybe eight or nine. I'll make cornbread dressing tomorrow, maybe put the capon in to brine [a small innovation this year], piddle at such things as I can do ahead.
We have a distinguished guest list this year and after-dinner conversation should be first rate ... and a generous hand has given a jug of aged Puerto Rican rum that sips almost like brandy ... and I have some pretty good cigars on hand. It's not hard to find things that merit gratitude in this life.


Sugar Magnolia said...

Simply precious!

We will actually be having our Thanksgiving tomorrow, as I am working all day today. Then on to Houston Saturday to visit relatives and play a little (or a lot) poker.

Hope your Thanksgiving is simply wonderful this year; it certainly sounds like it will be grand. Have a good one, Mr. Loon!

The Loon said...

& likewise to you, Shug, a fine Thanksgiving. A certain piratical crew just dropped off dessert and a fruit salad. Don't draw to any inside straights.