Thursday, November 3, 2011


Guy who sends me graphic stuff sends me a graphic of pain-reliever choices:
The graphic is really funny in a painful way. The painkiller thing is interesting, since I do a little more pain every damn day. One of the stranger conversation I've had in the last few years was at a poker game with a bunch of old pirates - shrimpers, gamblers, commercial fishermen, an oil well driller, poachers - tough old birds all. The subject of painkillers came up, and all went on for some time about their preferred analgesic. Everyone engaged with the topic.
The natterers do natter on about choices in life, how wonderful it is that we have such variety available. As with most purported progress, it ain't necessarily so. I eat only two kinds of cereal – Grape Nuts and raisin bran – and my wife pretty much eats only one. The cereal selection at the grocery store is five or six shelves high and runs the complete length of a aisle. I'm not convinced that this selection of cereal is essential to an orderly and happy society. I'd feel happier with a better selection of politicians and about a quarter of the available cereals and nothing more than ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and aspirin for the aching bones.

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Pilot said...

There are those of us who require stronger meds on occasion, monkey aside. Cereal - bran flakes and oatmeal - hat's cereal. Cap'n Crunc and Kix - that's sludge. There's a market for both. Natural selection, I suppose.....or hope.
Funny thing - my pill pusher family practitioner wrns me against too much advil or tylenol, but will wear out a scrip pad and a ball point pen, giving me Vicodin.......