Friday, December 17, 2010

Wings over the border

From the world's worst newspaper, an odd bit of borderiana:
A Mexican drone crashed in El Paso's Lower Valley, sparking a federal investigation and raising questions about why the aircraft was in U.S. airspace.

Read it all here. The story didn't say anything about cargo on the little-bitty airplane, but it would surely have occurred to the narcos that radio-controlled planes would be a nifty way to move stuff across the border. I should thing that anything like this flying anywhere near Ft. Bliss would be likely to upset the U.S. military more than a little. The comments are nearing 500 on this story and some of them are a hoot to read.
In other border news, doctors in Cd. Juárez have been on strike this week in protest against the impotence of the Mexican gummint against the violence in poor Juaritos. Doctors can get caught in the middle when the shooting starts. Cartel gunmen have been known to barge into hospitals to put the finishing touches on botched assassinations, and those people don't much worry about collateral damage such as nurses and doctors and non-target patients.

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