Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas [little boys' delight edition]

Folks, I don't have to make weird things up ... the world provides them. The Catalans of Spain are a singular bunch of people. The singularity extends to their Christmas customs. They add an extra character to their creches, traditionally a little shepherd boy squatting with his pants down, evacuating, as we say. They've expanded from that to putting in eminent people in the same role, caught with their pants down, but not in the usual way. Some recent ones have included the Pope and the Queen of England, not to mention American presidents. You have to read the whole story here and watch the little vid.
One of the interesting insults of age is the partial loss of hearing. What happens is you lose the consonants and pick up the vowels when people speak, then guess what the whole thing was when it was spoken. Sometimes, you just smile and nod, hoping that was the appropriate response. It saves asking Huh? over and over.
I was astonished a couple weeks ago when I heard my wife say something from the next room about 'foxy gays farting.' That's the sort of thing that can't be dismissed with a smile and a nod; it demands an explanation to the baffled auditor. Turned out she'd received an invite to a Boxing Day Party. Oh, well.


Kari said...

Ho! Ho! I got invited to the same Foxy Gay Party, too!! xoxo Kari

Edith Ann said...

The cageners story was fascinating! Thanks for that.

The hearing story was hilarious! Thanks for that!

The Loon said...

Kari - And, like herself, you're not going, right? There's a limit to socializing.
EA - In your heart you may be a little boy. That's not a bad thing to be ...