Sunday, April 4, 2010

Shake, shake, shake Sonora

And Baja California, too. That would actually be Senora, not Sonora, nor señora

but no doubt some señoras were likewise shook up. A quake south of the line out there Baja California way is reported at 7.2 Richter magnitude, nothing against Chile's 8.8 of Feb, but nothing to sneeze at either. Here is a U.S. Geological Survey Web site with nice little squares you can click on to look at the various recent temblors in northern Mexico. Apparently no life lost, as that part of the country is sparsely populated mostly. [Later: Apparently a couple of people were killed, per late reports]. An earthquake will realign your thoughts on life's solidity. If the ground can move under you, nothing can be counted on. Been a lot of stuff going on this year out on the Ring of Fire around the Pacific.
I had a student whose family was caught in the big Mexico City quake in '85. She said her mother, a very pious woman, was praying aloud and the fervor of her prayer increased with the intensity of the shaking. My student said that finally her father shouted, "Carmen, quit praying! You're making it worse!"
Just threw that Beetlejuice video in because I love that movie, one of the world's perfect little things. [Later later - Got the Beetlejuice 'Shake Shake' vid. It's more fun than just the singing.]


Truth Ferret said...

When I first saw your title, I automatically thought of Beetlejuice's final scene. Love that movie, it's so strange and wonderful at the same time.

I find myself singing the Banana Boat song as I drive in the car, sometimes. I am of that generation that grew up with the Harry Belafonte albums. Loved that exotic man.

thanks for the reminder.
fondly, ferret

Sugar Magnolia said...


That's better than the song that popped into my head when I saw that title, shake, shake, shake...

"Shake your booty"