Sunday, April 25, 2010

Other music

Some interested soul inquired after tango music a little while back. I still go look at tango videos and listen to CDs of Astor Piazzola compositions but have other other South-of-the-border enthusiasms. When we were in Vigo, Spain, a few years back, we encountered a clerk in an Internet café who heard the Mexican in our Spanish and turned voluble. Guy turned out to be an enormous fan of things Mexican, familiar with all sorts of moldy old ranchero singers, crazy about Cantínflas. Wish I'd gotten his e-mail address. Somewhere I have a cassette of Miguel Aceves Mejia that I taped off a vinyl record. Aceves Mejía had a gorgeous voice, as you can hear in this clip from one of those great old Mexican oaters. I used to go to movies like this occasionally when I was a kid in high school. Aceves Mejía could sing a helluva lot better than Gene Autry … just listen to him hit those high notes in this version of 'La Malagueña.'

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Edith Ann said...

Thank you, Mr. Loon.

CAught the last 45 or so minutes of "Scent of a Woman". Didn't see him dance the Tango, though. =(.