Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Onward into spring

We got bee-loud jasmine on the front porch and yucca about to pop blooms in the back yard. And, better yet, I got to put on a pair of khaki shorts one day this week. Must be spring. Try This place for some spectacular English garden scenery.
And stirrings on the border. From My San Antonio site:
BROWNSVILLE — The Zapata County sheriff Thursday was questioning why a Mexican military helicopter was hovering over homes on the Texas side of the Rio Grande.

then further along in the story:
(Sigifredo) Gonzalez, the Zapata sheriff, said he couldn't confirm reports that the helicopter was scoping out the home of a drug criminal. He said the incursion about a mile over the border took place over a neighborhood populated by many U.S. Customs officers who work at area border crossings — and that they knew what they were seeing.

Read it all here. My wife suggests it may be time to call the troops back from the Middle East and put them on the border.
The Vicad has had some real local news of late, including an incomprehensible but intriguing tale of hospital hankypankery. Wouldn't you love to know the real and true story behind that story?
The Victoria Master Gardeners have their annual plant sale Saturday morning. It's an event worth the trip out to the airport.


Truth Ferret said...

Those garden pictures are wonderful. I did get a grin when I saw that they were taken in August. Take pictures here in August and you'd either get pictures of dried out, dead plants or the aftermath of a hurricane. Those lucky English.

Now, I read the article about the dangers our border patrol endures on a regular basis and it makes me a little sick. My daughter's brother in law works in border patrol and he's already had his house completely bugarlized (now he has bars, a huge safe and alarms installed.) I worry that he and his wife are targets for some very bad people.

I agree that we need to bring back our soldiers and take back our streets all over the US, but especially on the borders to Mexico.

Pilot said...

I still say Mexico is ripe for the picking, and they have a lot of oil, the Mayan Rivera, and would be a lot less formidable than the Muslim fanatics in the cradle of "civilization", in overtaking without a fight and whipping into submission. Claiming Mexico as a U.S. (or Texas) territory, would kill several birds with one stone......starting with the immigration problem. Adding them to the welfare rolls, would be akin to just picking up Detroit, East St.Louis, and west L.A. all over again. A lot of money would get pumped into their economy by fat cat gringos snapping up land in the desirable areas, and we wouldn't have to worry about offending another government by going in and wiping out the cartels(after we first legalize drugs in this country).

On a more serious note, Juarez is starting to sound like the aforementioned East St. Louis. I remember a motorcycle trip on my 40th B-day, from Nuevo Laredo, down to Horsetail Falls, south of Monterrey for a week in the Sierra Madres. As beautiful (and as friendly)as it was down there back then, I can't fathom even driving across the bridge in Laredo these days with my family in tow, let alone, subjecting them to the threat of being killed for our car, just to see the mountains down south.