Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Couple, three days ago I was sitting reading and smoking a morning stogie when I became aware of a loud RRRrrrrrr, RRRrrrrrr, coming from the bay, a boat engine straining and not succeeding. I looked up and saw this scene between the trees on the corner.

Our harbor is full of boats homeported in other places. They're here for the oysters, and some of the captains may not understand just how shallow our bay is, especially with the low tides and north winds skinnying up the water. Local boats are built with shallow drafts. This poor out-of-towner put himself aground just a little way off the seawall and had to labor long to get disagrounded.

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Pilot said...

I would say that the out of towners in town should consider befriending some of the locals, for a bit of indoctrination to S.A. Bay, but it has been my observation that the "locals" have thrown in the towel when it comes to harvesting what's left and what's profitable inour bay. So basically, it leaves a bunch of coonass oystermen in deep draft lugger boats, trying to communicate with a mess of hispanic shrimpers/oystermen who snapped up the locals' boats after the flood of farm raised shrimp hit the market, and a slew of Vietnamese crabbers. What we have here, is failure to c'munnicate.