Saturday, November 22, 2008

Obama's cabinet

He who will be president soon is choosing his cabinet these days. Georgie Anne Geyer, a great columnist and American patriot, has some pointed observations of the Anointed One's choices so far:
Instead of creating that "government of unity" that he talked about, and positioning the best people for the jobs at hand around him, Obama is, quite incredibly, appointing some of the nastiest people in Washington, and bringing into his administration some of those least-talented for the special jobs at hand.

Read it all here. It can only be so long before the feet of clay start to show on Obama – not that, whatever they are, they won't be vastly better than W's head of dung – and we hafta hope for him to accomplish a maximum of good stuff before disenchantment sets in.

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Anonymous said...

Obama is way ahead of the curve. Georgie Anne Geyer, an intelligent writer in her own right, superficially grasps the handles of governing. Appointing opposites takes a bulldog for a manager. This Obama has done in Rahm Emanuel. Richard Holbrooke is an excellent negotiator with credentials to back up his position, so Hillary should be fine. Obama's selections, especially in the financial sector are proven and excellent.