Monday, November 17, 2008

More Mexican mayhem

A journalist in Cd. Juárez was murdered last week with his daughter beside him.
Armando Rodriguez, who covered crime and the Juarez cartels for El Diario de Juarez, was killed in his car in front of his home as he prepared to take his daughter to school.
The killing, even in a year of extreme violence, shocked observers on both sides of the border.

You see anything about that in your local newspaper? I thought not. Here's
the whole sad story, from El Paso's Newspaper Tree Web site, a good source of border and northern Mexico news. American neglect of the murderous chaos in Mexico is inexcusable. Texas papers in particular should be all over the story. I think that American media are reluctant to tell the truth about Mexico lest they be seen as picking on poor Mexico.


Anonymous said...

Mexico is not the only thing the American Media are reluctant to tell the truth about!

Anonymous said...

well, it's a Mexico I probably helped to create, but noy one I recognize as a teen inthe sixties, or even a tourist in the early 90s. I do believe I know where I can take a nice vacation yet, i paces I know and have fond memories of, but running that gauntlet that is a Tex-Mex dmz, sure does make it a daunting task for an old pilot, longing for days of a vibrant Ciaudad Acuna, and Noevo Laredo, replete with the forbidden boy's town, the bullfights, and the cheap market goods, such as switchblade knives, frog band ensembles, and Mexican blankets, all hecho en mexico, rather than Taiwan......