Friday, October 10, 2008

Don't forget this one

One Marilou Johanek, writing in a column in the Toledo Blade on an underreported scandal in the White House:
And now there are official findings of fact about the politically charged dismissals of U.S. attorneys conducted to satisfy a White House agenda. Scandal-weary Americans may be inclined to dismiss yet another administration disgrace, but what happened at the Justice Department is too big a deal to ignore.

Read it all here Just more of the corrupt policies coming from W's administration. The DJIA dropped something like 400 points this morning while W was telling us that everything is jes fine, jes fine. Boy's got no credibility left in this world. Why don't we impeach him to keep him out of mischief for the next couple of months? And then maybe try him for treason for all the harm he's done to this country.

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