Sunday, June 10, 2012

Big weekend in **Adrift

This is our big-deal weekend here – Shrimpfest Friday & Saturday, followed by the Water Safari boats coming in late Sunday. Shrimpfest seemed a little repressed and smaller, maybe because a lot of the usual food vendors may have gone down the coast to bigger and more lucrative pickings in Rockport. It was still fun. The beauty above was the winner of the Miss Bayrat contest, usually good for a grin or two. My wife caught the shot before the contest. There was only one other contestant, but there is no doubt that this lovely could have swept a much larger field, given such attention to dress and makeup. Shrimpfest is always fun. A piratical pair from Houston joined us, the principal pirate being a qualified local. He found many, many old acquaintances to chat with. The first mate of the pirate crew held up with her usual dignified restraint. Music played until late, and I had a couple of you-kids-get-off-my-lawn moments with all the traffic and people parking on our street.

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