Saturday, May 5, 2012

Faraway places with strange-sounding names

We are in Okieabad, where we observed the spring rites followed by our people on the first Saturday in May. Despite close attention to the sacred writings - The Daily Racing Form - I failed completely to understand the signs and portents, especially the one that indicated I'll Have Another was due to win the Derby. Herself, in a nice lick of scriptural interpretation, hit a $66 ticket and was obliged to buy dinner. Them's the rules at our house. And that is where fortune smiled on us. She found some restaurant-review site that included a complaint about having to drive the 25 miles to Okarche to get fried chicken and what the food was like there. So, we nailed down the location of the place, Eischen's, a huge country-town beer joint and a valuable cultural experience. You want fried chicken, you order a fried chicken, thirteen bucks. No other choice, unless you want two chickens. No coffee, no tea ... beer, soda pop, and water. Principal side, okra, a massive tub for $6. There's some other stuff, a couple of sandwiches, Frito pie, like that, but that's mostly peripheral. The chicken comes with a little basket of light bread, pickles sweet and dill, and slices of onion. They bring you six or eight big sheets of paper, and that's the dishes. It's the kind of chicken that reminds you why fried chicken was our great celebratory meal when we were kids. It's a long way from KFC. So, if you ever find yourself in OKC, drive out to Okarche and eat fried chicken and salve the pains of life. Who cares if Daddy Nose Best finished up the track? Some things are more important. Tomorrow, herself will take the Amtrak back to Austin [a deal for 40 bucks], and I will press on to El Rancho San Fulano for a time of contemplation and reading. No, wait, further noddling around reveals that Guy Fieri, who does a food show, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, has visited Easchen's. The publicity appears to have done no damage to the integrity of the food.


Pilot said...

Sounds like hillwilliam heaven, and at the same time, an Okie version of The Boiling Pot.....or Bubbas.....both being compliments.

Jeannie said...

Lived in OK for 14 years and Eischen's was always a favorite stopping spot. Glad you enjoyed.

Jeannie said...
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