Friday, April 13, 2012


So, a friend complains, legitimately, that I've not said a word here for too long. So, a word [or more precisely, a vid]:

For anyone who's ever been annoyed [did you know that annoy and ennui are etymologically related way upstream?] by a snotty cat.

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Sugar Magnolia said...

Oh, man, I'm still laughing. I love it!

So glad you (or le chat) finally said a word or ten.

The main character looks very much like my C.C. She is a long-haired beauty, grey and white, and of course gets groomed by yours truly. She has enough patience to tolerate me, bless her, and sometimes even will let me stay in the presence of her glory.

But, yep, that video's got felines pegged for sure. Between the ones that drink from my bathroom sink, to the one that perches on my shoulder/back like a parrot when I'm brushing my teeth and will play fetch for hours on end, to the ones that "hop" a step or two in joy when I arrive home, to the one that brings me snakes, skinks, grasshoppers, moles, and mice as gifts to the ones (really, all of them) who turn up their noses at my offerings of expensive gourmet cat food, to the ones who snuggle with me at night, I love 'em all.

Such unique personalities, all of them. AND THEY'RE ALL MINE!

Oooops, correction. I'm all theirs.