Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bomb Bomb Bomb

The Israelis are apparently just spoiling to bomb Iran, purportedly to stop Irani progress on nuclear weapons. The loathsome American neo-cons have never seen any evil done by Israel, and a contingent of religious nutcases here seems to favor any kind of violence in the Middle East. Take a look at Tai-Wiki-Widbee here and scroll down to the map of U.S. military installations surrounding Iran. Can't say I blame them for arming themselves, gven the apparent threats they are facing. I went through the first two-thirds of my life with total sympathy for Israel, a common sentiment for those of us who grew up immediately post-WWII. A young friend pointed out about ten years ago that the Israelis were another bunch of expansionary militarists. It doesn't sound completely wrong. I appreciate the virtues of the Israelis, but we can't give them a blank check to act as they will.


Sugar Magnolia said...

OK, let's be honest. Who HASN'T had the inkling to bomb Iran? So quickly we forget the Ayatolla (kiss my ass-a-holla) and the hostage crisis. Those were formative events in my young life and I will not forget, nor forgive.

Let me be clear. I don't give a whit about Israel, either. As far as I'm concerned, if that land is truly holy, Israel is at least half responsible for all the unholy acts perpetrated upon it. For shame. The whole dang region needs to be bombed so we can start all over. It's such a mess, nothing else will work.

Check it out:

I remember a similar treatment of that song in '79 - '80 when the crisis was going down.

Anonymous said...
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David said...
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