Monday, December 19, 2011

How about this, Tom Friedman?

Tom Friedman, sycophantic lackey of any rich Indian who will talk to him, keeps on telling us how the Indians are gonna bury us because they are all so smart and hard working and we are all so stupid and sorry.
Look at this stuff, posted by a Chinese visiting India. These are people who incinerate daughters-in-law who come up short on dowry money and who abort female fetuses.


Edith Ann said...

I am sitting here in tears. I could have gone the rest of my life and not looked at these pictures. I wish you would have warned me.

The Loon said...

Sorry, EA. Didn't mean to ambush you. They are pretty startling photos. I worked for a long time in a trade that was essentially eaten up by Indian subcontracting at rock-bottom prices. Regrettably, the quality also was often rock bottom. People would accept bids from Indian contractors and then whine because they weren't getting American quality. As the kids say: well, duh. But still it ate some good American jobs.

Edith Ann said...

I really never realized I knew so little about folks in other countries. I had no idea. I knew they were poor and I knew the conditions were tough, but this is absolutely beyond my comprehension. It is still on my mind, and I am going to have to just wrap my brain about it.

This makes me feel the need to do something--I just don't know what the something is.

This was very profound for me. I guess I needed that.