Friday, July 22, 2011

Our friends the Saudis

It's creepy enough to have even to deal in passing with the Holy Roller Muslims of Saudi Arabia and creepier yet that our oil jones leaves us painfully dependent on that corrupt and crazy bunch. A couple of reporters at Vanity Fair magazine make a pretty convincing case that GWB's great friends and co-oilmen in Saudi were active supporters of the attacks on September 11, 2001.
Congress’s Joint Inquiry [into the attacks], its co-chair Bob Graham told the authors, had found evidence “that the Saudis were facilitating, assisting, some of the hijackers. And my suspicion is that they were providing some assistance to most if not all of the hijackers. . . . It’s my opinion that 9/11 could not have occurred but for the existence of an infrastructure of support within the United States. By ‘the Saudis,’ I mean the Saudi government and individual Saudis who are for some purposes dependent on the government—which includes all of the elite in the country.”

Read more here in the magazine. It's a nice long piece with lots of evidence. Oddly enough, I've not seen much in the rest of the press about the allegations. Disconcerting to find out that your dope dealer is not your friend, huh?
And then from the NYT:
A proposed Saudi counterterrorism law that would give the Interior Ministry sweeping powers and mandate jail sentences for criticizing the king would effectively squelch political dissent, human rights advocates said on Thursday.

Read the rest of that one here. Appalling, innit?


w said...

How the Twin Towers were brought down

The Military KNOWS Israel pulled off 911

Full El Al flight took off on 9/11 from JFK to Tel Aviv

List of names of the 125 Israeli spies picked up on 9/11

Global National Intelligence Services Confirm Israel Did 9/11

Edith Ann said...

You know, for someone who admitted he didn't read newspapers and books, Bush sure controlled a lot of what was out there in the media.

I never did 'get' his ultra-cozy relationship with the Saudis. I never did get the need for Saudi oil. I was raised in the oil patch and I NEVER remember my dad saying we were running out of oil. On the other hand, I'll admit I wasn't paying that much attention, either. It was just a part of my life.

I think the Saudi connections--of any sort--were down-played by the Bush adminstration.

On the other hand, a picture is worth a thousand words, and the ones of Bush hold hands with and kissing the Saudi King dude are priceless.