Thursday, March 10, 2011

Late night, dark skies

Some nights I oughta go to bed early. Seems like tonight's Internet noodling has produced a deluge of depressing stories. First, there's a quake in Japan that's reported as an 8.8 Richter. That's a big mama-san quake. Then the econ news sites are surmising about $200/bbl oil if things get nasty in Saudi Arabia.
Then on Energy Bulletin a gloomer about impending unrelieved food shortages:
[F]urther expansion of the food supply appears problematic. World grain production per capita peaked in 1984 at 342 kg annually. For many years production has not met demand, so the gap has been filled by dipping into carryover stocks; currently, less than two months’ supply remains as a buffer
Read all that one here.
Wife went shopping today and came home complaining about the price of everything.
And then, from the Chronicle of Higher Education, a story about a bunch of smart Harvard low-lifes minting $$$ by thumping tubs for Gaddafi [or everhow you spell his name ... you seldom see it spelled the same twice]:
A consulting firm founded by Harvard professors in Cambridge, Mass., received $250,000 a month from the Libyan government to help polish the image in the West of its leader, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi ...

Read all that turpitude here.
Recently, Harry Reid has complained about the brothels in Nevada. The brothel operators oughta offer him a deal: You close yours and we'll close ours.


Sugar Magnolia said...

Yep, the world's certainly in a state, Mr. Loon.

Meanwhile, Jared is congratulating his friends for expecting their FIFTH child, and he is determined that the Pope and his cronies in the church are always right, birth control and abortion are sins, and women and men should always be fruitful and multiply.

I wonder what he thinks got us in this kind of shape to begin with.

The Loon said...

Too damn many people in the world, Shug ... the source of almost all the problems we face, even if boosters think growth is the answer to everything.