Monday, September 6, 2010

Mon night stuff

A fine idea written up in the Guardian of Great Britain, on a plan in Belgium to sterilize all cats but purebred breeding stock:
"A cat can have one pregnancy every six months and 36 offspring in less than 16 months," said [an environmentalist].
The new project is the first to propose compulsory sterilisation nationally. It will be watched closely in other countries wrestling with ballooning cat populations.

Hear, hear ... here and petition your pol reps to follow suit on this idea whose time has come. I say this because we just got rid of a personable orange volunteer kitty, then had another feral feline show up immediately to chow down at the buffet on the front porch.

Q: How many lawyers does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: How many can you afford?

One of Admiral Hyman Rickover's principles:
9. Optimism and stupidity are nearly synonymous.

Other misc: 'The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it' -- GB Shaw
And multi-level dumb-butt comment of the week, from I don't remember where: 'The Internet is the Doom's Day Machine, Plane and simble!!!' We all know he meant 'cymbal,' right?

On Labor Day, the condition of the American worker remains most distressful, but no need to tell you that. In The Vicad, we learn that the Caterpillar plant that may happen may be a big tourist draw. Will visitors come in steel-toed boots? Tone of the paper's been painfully rah-rah of late, beyond the reasonable boosterism of a provincial rag.

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Edith Ann said...

I vote yes on the cat sterilization.

Lawyer joke--groan.

Shaw comment--amen!

Dumb butt comment, and your response--hysterical!

The-University-Of-Houston-Victoria-Advocate? Yes, three dozen plus stories in a week on UHV. I understand tomorrow we will be treated to a recap of the new students' first day! I hope they go ahead and post it early this evening because I, for one, can hardly wait...

Oh, yeah, those Catepillar Tours are going to be the saving grace of Bridgette Bise!