Friday, December 14, 2007

Vets v. the ruling class ... ruling class wins again

Writing for McClatchy, our Refugio County neighbor, Joe Galloway, has some pungent commentary on the treatment of military veterans. In part
The same people who don’t blink at spending $3 billion a week on their war of choice in Iraq were the ones who cut the VA budget and privatized maintenance at Walter Reed Army Hospital and opposed every attempt to expand benefits for veterans old and young.
They're the same people who turned a blind eye as their corporate sponsors and private donors looted billions of dollars from the Treasury with no-compete contracts and bloated bills for everything from food for the troops to fuel for their tanks and trucks.

Read all of Galloway's piece here. Even the sorest of heads can't dispute Galloway's devotion to the American soldier. His commentary on the Iraq debacle is spot on and written with the expertise of a guy who's been there. I lifted the link from the bomb-tossers at Truthout.

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